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They say you learn something new every day. Well today I learned that aliens prefer datings humanoids over their own kind. How fascinating! The New York Post reports that Sam Cassell and former MTV VJ Ananda Lewis are, like, totally into each other. Not only that, the two are even good friends with comedy legend Eddie Murphy. Oh, to be a member of high society!

Dime-a-Day has obtained some super-duper exclusive pictures of the happy couple out and about on the town. Here’s a picture of Sammy C just moments after getting off the phone with Ms. Lewis planning their first date. Look at how cute and excited the little guy is:


Here’s a picture of the happy couple enjoying an intimate moment:


Uh oh, trouble in paradise?!


Aww, looks like Ananda and Sam made up! And they’re cuter than ever…


Congrats to Sam Cassell on his new dating life. We wish him the best of luck in this and all future romantic endeavors.